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Front Line Justice, by Louise Otis and Eric H. Reiter

The article proposes a model for rapidly re-establishing a functioning
justice system in societies shattered by crisis. The front-line justice
system is based on the quick deployment of “justice shelters” in
communities, in which trained local jurists give legal information and advice, and local judges issue emergency safeguard orders and mediate
disputes between parties. The mandate of the justice shelters is broad, and
comprises civil, family, and administrative as well as criminal matters.
The shelters are designed to rebuild confidence in the administration of
justice by addressing all the justice needs of the local population, rather
than limiting themselves to criminal matters or transitional justice issues.
As such, the front-line justice system builds on other initiatives,
particularly those growing out of the United Nations Brahimi Report, and
offers a way to address emergency justice issues, but also to move
forward towards the re-establishment of working and accepted permanent
institutions of justice.


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