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Réseau International des acteurs de la Médiation

ICMJ is the first international mediation organization which is especially concerned with national and international justice. Its growth is taking place alongside that of international organizations whose primary objectives are to serve the community and the public interest, such as the International Ombudsman Institute and International Tribunals which have a specific role of mediation in their particular spheres of activity.

ICMJ will also share networks of knowledge with other important institutions of mediation such as the International Academy of Mediators (IAM), the European Association of Judges for Mediation (GEMME), the American Bar Association, section of Dispute Resolution and the Canadian Conference of Judicial Mediation.

The ICMJ intends to establish a framework for international partnerships in mediation. Its objectives are to spread advanced knowledge (or know how) on the art of negotiation and mediation to all the continents and to bring together nations, cultures and ethnic groups by means of the discourse of mediation so as to attenuate the existing differences amongst the various peoples. The ICMJ, an instrument of conscience and for finding common ground by means of concrete actions, seeks to make available to all litigants the assistance provided by mediation in the Courts. ICMJ is also available as an instrument for peace in international conflicts.

The high calibre of its founding members, the competence of the academics who advise it, and the dedication and high ethical standards of the members of its administrative committees make of the ICMJ an outstanding instrument for the application of international mediation and the promotion of peace. Its first international activity will bring together more than thirty (30) countries at Pepperdine University, an institution of high international repute, in order to train judges new to the art of mediation.

As a result of training given by the most renowned of its members, the ICMJ has distinguished itself in a number of countries of Asia and Africa. 2010 will be a year of consolidation during which ICMJ will establish ties with the network of international participants who are starting their training in the field of mediation.