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The Romanian Judges' Forum Review

The Romanian Judges’ Forum Review is an initiative

taken by the Romanian judges which is ment to be useful to

them, but also to the members of other legal professions, which

may be able to get directly in contact with opinions, ideas and

proposals originating from judges.

The journal is published on a quarterly basis and during

2009-2010 and it has promoted an openness of the

magistrates towards the judiciary and of members of the civil

society wishing to understand the profession of magistrate,

the present and future concerns of the judges.

The journal presents attitudes regarding the operation and

the needs of reform of the judicial systems, but does not avoid

any relevant doctrinal or jurisprudential issues. For the first

time in their entirety, relevant judgements of national courts

from Europe and the United States of America are translated

into Romanian. Recent case-law of the administrative and

fiscal section of the High Court of Cassation and Justice has

also been presented.

The present supplementary issue consists of all articles

published in 2009-2010, in French, English, Spanish and

Russian in The Judges’ Forum Review or on website and is directed to both

readers in Romania and readers abroad.

Articles concern the development and organization of the

judiciary in Romania, the functioning of mediation in Romania

and other European countries, the organization and case-law

of the Americain courts.

The supplementary issue may represent a

starting point for those interested in an efficient functioning of

the judicial systems.


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